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Helping Startups That Benefit The Environment and Society

 My goal is to invest the extensive software engineering expertise I have into startups building innovative solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment or society as a whole, not just on next quarter's profits. As well, I like to help founders, who worked within an industry and saw the opportunity to create software that improves their industry. I do this by combining strong technical architecture skills with a deep sense of accountability, collaboration, and empathy. 

I Create Cloud Solutions Architecture  •  Help Startups Build Their Product and Their Long-Term Team  •  Provide Coaching to Established Teams   •  Make Software and Hardware Work Together  •

Picture Of Kevin

Kevin Stacey • Team Coach • Solutions Architect • CTO • Former Owner

At age 16, Kevin created his first software solution, an automated materials ordering system for a 300+ person construction company. He discovered Linux at 17 and quickly started using Gentoo. Over the last 20 years, he has done everything from embedded systems programming to cloud computing. As Kevin got older, he developed more experience leading teams, particularly remote teams. In his last position, he scouted, interviewed, and hired a 17-person product team of specialists in 11 countries with diverse skills like Linux kernel tuning, vision AI, custom Linux OS development, and cloud computing.